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your personal trainer

My coaching services

Your goals, your level,
your sport, your wishes.

The coaching is adjusted to each and every people, every situation to ensure you will get to the bottom of your sport move.

Losing weight

The will and need to lose weight can have different roots depending on people. You have an aesthetic goal, you have health issues, or you just want to feel more at ease with your body? I can adjust to your wishes to guarantee a weight loss as efficient as possible.

Your nutrition coach

We do a check-up together to ascertain the best follow-up scheme, then I will provide you a training schedule and an appropriate nutritional program. Losing weight can also be a psychological ordeal. However, it does not have to be restrictive. 

Regular appraisals will enable me to stay tuned about your feelings and to adjust your schedule to keep your motivation on.

It is the key to succeed in your weight loss.

Bodybuilding: strength and muscle building

Regardless of your level, you would like to go to the gym to build muscle, gain strength, or just to work out? I will use my 15 years of experience to save you time in your progress.

Poorly executed movements are the number one cause of injury in the training room. I will make sure your execution technique is flawless to maximize the effects of training and avoid injury. Everyone progresses at their own pace, but thanks to an expert bodybuilding coach, you will be sure to get the most out of your potential.


Powerlifting and Bench press

The universe of competition is a specific universe. The dimension of the training is nothing like the one of the recreational practitioner. Training planning is crucial, and mental training must be an important part of it.

Competitor for 7 years in athletic strength and bench press, I understand the specific needs of this category of athletes. I support you from A to Z: from the overall planning of your training, to the regular follow-up, until the D-day when I coach you during your competition for your success.

Resumption of physical activity

The resumption of sport after a long period of inactivity or simply the discovery of the sport must be playful and turn a motivation into a habit. Together we will find the physical activity and the tools that are right for you.

Outside and at your home, I can suggest a wide variety of exercises. We will of course find a way to train that will make you love sport!

Whatever you choose, I will answer your questions and help you get back to work smoothly and safely.

Rehabilitation and re-learning

You have hurt yourself or you have pain somewhere? My role is to support you after your follow-up with the physiotherapist to resume sport smoothly and continue to perform the right movements to achieve complete healing.

We will work on the mobility and stability of your joints to help you regain your full movement capacity.

For athletes, I support you to a full gradual recovery of your sport in parallel with re-training. You will be back at your previous level and beyond as efficiently as possible.

A physical preparation

Physical preparation is a particular area because bodybuilding training must respect the specific constraints of the athlete and his sport. However, effective and controlled preparation will prevent injuries and make you more successful in your sport.

If you are a competitor, we can also work on mental preparation because as you know, it's an important part to achieve performance.

Your physical trainer in Grenoble

We will together find out the physical qualities essential to your activity to define areas of work: strength, speed, mobility…

Your training program will be oriented to develop these qualities while taking into account your ability to recover so as not to compromise your usual training in your sport