Your personal trainer
in Grenoble

Alan Gavarin

A personal coach for lasting results

In Grenoble and around or online, you will have a personal coach, attentive, available, listening to you so that we can acheive your goals together.

Curious sportsman since I was little, I tried a lot of different areas: martial arts, handball, basketball, running...

Today, I have two passions that gives my life its tempo : the sport, and the mountain. I started bodybuilding almost 15 years ago, in addition to my main sport, Taekwondo.

A true passionate bodybuilder, it has become my main activity and I have been a competitor in powerlifting since 2011.

I obtained the BP JEPS AF Option Weightlifting, Bodybuilding, to become a coach and put my experience and my knowledge at your service. I also continue to develop my skills to improve my coaching, thanks to other specific trainings: Federal certificate of the 1st level in Athletic Force, and DU of Nutrition and physical activities and sports (in progress).

In addition to my activity as a trainer at IPSO CAMPUS, I offer you my coaching services in the Grenoble area or remotely, to support you in your success, whatever your level and whatever your sport.

I will take care of you, whether you are a beginner or top athlete, and we will reach your goals together.

Professional experience

Personal trainer – Athletic trainer

Trainer at IPSO CAMPUS
(Anatomy, physiology, strength training)

BP JEPS AF Option Weightlifting, Bodybuilding

DU Nutrition and physical activities and sports (in progress)

Federal certificate of the 1st level in Powerlifting

DEUG Biology


Sporting experience

Competitor in Powerlifting and Bench press since 2011

Vice-french champion 2012 – Bench press

GR20 in complete autonomy (12 days

Crossing of the Alps in autonomy (27 days)


Le rôle du coach personnel est de vous accompagner, vous motiver, vous aider à vous surpasser pour atteindre vos objectifs.

Pour réussir dans cette tâche, le coach doit parfaitement connaître son client, qui devient son partenaire. Il doit connaître son caractère, ses points forts et ses points faibles pour pouvoir individualiser son programme d’entraînement et ajuster son coaching.

Je tiens beaucoup à cette notion d’individualisation car nous sommes tous différents et un bon coach doit être capable d’être à l’écoute et de s’adapter pour accompagner au mieux son élève.