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Customized Training

Alan Gavarin

Your customized training

The respect of your physical integrity is a priority: individual coaching is above all a personalized coaching, whether live or remote.

Customized training

I make a point of being constantly attentive and available: your constraints and your desires will be taken into account.
Every practitioner is different. An optimal appreciation of the desires and resources of the practitioner is the insurance of an individualized training, guarantee of progression in the long term.

Management and sharing

Knowing your personality, strengths and weaknesses is the most efficient way to define and adjust your coaching. In order to reach that goal, we will take the time for an individual interview at the beginning of the follow-up and we will have continuous exchanges and sharing throughout our partnership.

We will find together what suits you best in terms of planning, training, follow-up and work tools to make you enjoy sports and renew your motivation over time.

I am with you to support you, motivate you, help you surpass yourself to reach your goals and beyond.

  • Alan directed us to Alyzee. For 1 year she has been my coach. It’s perfect: very pleasant room, atmosphere that is both cool, friendly but serious. Alyzee is super professional, always in a good mood, she knows how to adapt to each profile (all ages, all goals…) and the progress is impressive. All this in joy and good humor, finally, we still suffer every time because she doesn’t spare us but… we like it!

    Odile Nicolas Avatar Odile Nicolas
    24 February 2022

    Une super équipe de coach ! J’avais contacté Alan dans un premier temps qui m’a redirigé vers Hervé. On a bossé ensemble pendant 4 mois et il m’a permis de concrétiser un rêve professionnel que je n’imaginais pas pouvoir atteindre. Juste un grand merci !

    hugo di francia Avatar hugo di francia
    2 September 2021

    I contacted Alan to take military sports tests and he directed me to Hervé, a really top-notch coach!! He followed me for 9 months, with varied, adapted and evolving programs! I have also tested and endorsed Alan’s diet program. Alizée was also able to give me some running techniques. Hervé really put all his skills, knowledge and determination to support me in my project! He was fully involved in motivating me and making me progress! I quickly developed speed and endurance, and I passed all my sports tests! A big thank you to Alizée, Alan and especially Hervé for helping me to realize my project!! 🥳🏋‍♀️💪😊⭐

    Chloé Lc Avatar Chloé Lc
    17 February 2022
  • A great team of coaches! I contacted Alan initially who redirected me to Hervé. We worked together for 4 months and it allowed me to realize a professional dream that I never imagined I could achieve. Just a big thank you!

    hugo di francia Avatar hugo di francia
    2 September 2021

    I was referred to Alizée for running recovery coaching after a few years of hiatus. Alizée is competent, very pleasant, motivating… Thanks to her, I am progressing from session to session, and I am regaining self-confidence and regaining my physical and mental health! THANKS !

    Marlène VICENTE Avatar Marlène VICENTE
    16 February 2023

    Je m’entraîne avec mon coach Alan depuis deux mois et je suis content de le trouver sur Instagram^^Il est super gentil et il est très professionnel. C’est un coach à qui vous pouvez faire confiance parce qu’il sait tout ^^ (peut être pas tout pour vous mais assez pour moi même si je fais la muscu depuis des années)

    Bertrand Sebastien Avatar Bertrand Sebastien
    18 June 2020